Controversial Sex Scenes

We rank the 101 best sex scenes in the history of film, from controversial classics and daring silent films, to lusty comedies and nudity from around the world

Jun 29, 2017 · Sex scenes, we’ve seen a few. The first times that seldom bear resemblance to anyone’s real first time. The quick-my-wife-is-out-of-town humpfests that

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Jun 19, 2017 · There are a number of potential states of being one can experience while watching Game of Thrones. When, while watching Game of Thrones with your parents

Mainstream movies that feature unsimulated sex scenes. 1979’s Caligula is slightly controversial in its status as a “regular” film vs. a porn film—but the fact

Going from third-person to first-person changes a lot in terms of how the content is experienced and when it comes to the controversial sex scenes it adds a whole

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The 100+ Most Controversial Films of All-Time : Movie Title Screen : Film Title/Year, Director: Screenshots: Carnal Knowledge (1971) D. Mike Nichols. Moviegoers

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Blue Valentine is a depressing drama about the end of a relationship, and yet it also featured one of the most controversial sex scenes in the past 10 years.

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IndieWire’s 10 Most Controversial Sex Scenes; SF Gate’s and Mick La Salle’s The Great Movie Sex Scenes; What Hollywood Taught Us About Sex (2005), the E!

This is it, people. We are in the home stretch. It’s time to count down to the sure-to-be-depressingly-high-grossing, and highly gross, opening of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Sex in film is the motion picture presentation of sexuality and love scenes, while an erotic film is one that has an erotic quality intended to create sexual feelings

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