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Unicode in C and C++: What You Can Do About It Today by Jeff Bezanson If you write an email in Russian and send it to somebody in Russia, it is depressingly unlikely

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A guide to displaying thousands of foreign and special characters in Web pages, with the aid of Unicode, plus notes on suitable multilingual browsers, fonts, editors

Unicode and .NET Scope of this page. This is a big topic. Don’t expect this page to do more than scratch the surface – indeed, if you believe you’re already fairly

Unicode Converter enables you to easily convert Unicode characters in UTF-16, UTF-8, and UTF-32 formats to their Unicode and decimal representations.

Unicode is a computing industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text expressed in most of the world’s writing systems.

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Easy-to-use Hiragana Unicode Values Table. This chart shows Unicode Hexadecimal and Decimal values for Japanese Hiragana characters. Each row shows the characters

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Welcome! The Unicode Consortium enables people around the world to use computers in any language. Our freely-available specifications and data form the foundation

Unicode provides a unique number for every character, no matter what the platform, no matter what the program, no matter what the language. Fundamentally, computers

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This HOWTO discusses Python 2.x’s support for Unicode, and explains various problems that people commonly encounter when trying to work with Unicode. For the Python

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Details of large, multi-script Windows fonts that include Unicode character ranges and that can be used to display Web pages containing many languages, scripts and

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